Fishing Bavaria – River Ilz (2015)

The River Ilz -the Black Pearl of Bavaria
The River Ilz, runs through the Bavarian Forest in Lower Bavaria. It is about 40 Km long and descends 140 m over that distance. The river joins the Danube at the famous ‘three river junction’ in Passau, the third river being the Inn.  The River Ilz is one of the most stunning fly fishing only rivers I have fished. I normally fish the stretch from Fischhaus to Aumuhle, near Fursteneck. The stretch is about 14 Km long, and the river about 30 metres wide. There are sections running through the forest, with pic-nic tables set up for your use. These sections require a little walk to get there but the walk is worthwhile. There are also easy to reach sections, where you park and fish nearby. The scenery is beautiful and the main reason that I obtain an annual permit each year.

Stocking of the river takes place in April. I normally arrive in late May and most of the larger trout seem to have been taken. This means that I have to hunt for the small Brownies or the occasional very large Chub. I practice ‘Catch and Release’ on rivers and this is not a problem for me. Wading is necessary on the Ilz, and normally not a great problem. The river can be 1m deep, and as the river bed has many rocks and boulders, care should be taken. In the high-summer the water level is down and many shingle banks appear, making life much easier.

The water of the Ilz is normally clear, with a brownish hue and with a lot of insects and wildlife. A ‘Natter’ a harmless black snake, swimming past whilst wading is not uncommon!

Permits are available from:
Dieter Pouget in Kalteneck, Tel 08505-6856 or
Metzgerei Rosenstingl in Hutthurm, Tel 08505-1239

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